Lemon Jelly

  • Lost Horizons poster showing the full album artwork in all its glory. We'll reprint it soon, honest!

  • Lucky bag and contents given away on our first UK tour. The pencil says "Lemon Jelly Doodle Machine."

  • Lemon Jelly guitar created for the Rock Couture charity auction.

  • Artwork for Lost Horizons tube ads featuring a great quote from Tony Hart of Vision On fame. I like the Guardian quote as well: both 100% genuine.

  • Fly posters for Lost Horizons on London's streets.

  • Trailer for the 64-95 DVD with fantastic voice-over from John Hallam reading a script written by yours truly. I giggled a lot while directing him.

  • Me, Nick, John Cale and Jools Holland at the Mercury Music Prize.

  • Mercury Music Prize video screened at the award ceremony and shown on the BBC live broadcast.

  • Live at Kenwood House - it was fantastic to play on Hampstead Heath.

  • Music video for Soft based on the 3D model created for the Lost Horizons sleeve.

  • Two photos taken by our manager Marc Marot from our concert at Somerset House - note the top photo showing our projections on the building itself.

  • One-off embroidered Soft Rock sleeve by Laura Lees. Thanks Laura!

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