Viv Albertine

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In January 2015 I interviewed Viv Albertine at Central Saint Martins and it was a real pleasure. I saw the Slits several times as a teenager and have always been a massive fan, and now she’s written this incredible book. There’s a brief excerpt from the talk on YouTube and I’ve also got a recording of the whole two hour conversation somewhere if you’re interested.

Rough Trade book


Rough Trade is 40 years old: they’ve put a book out to celebrate this fact. I’ve got a piece in it where I talk about going to see the Raincoats as a thirteen year old (supported by Swell Maps and Kleenex – wottagig!) and lo and behold at the launch party the other day if it wasn’t the Raincoats on stage, talking about Rough Trade. How the years fly by, etc etc.

Giving Music Depth Talk


I recently did a talk for London agency PD3 on giving post-digital music depth. Thanks to Tully, Cat and all the excellent PD3 folks for having me.

Cheltenham Design Festival


I’m talking at the Cheltenham Design Festival in April this year which is all about Design Futures. I was planning an optimistic message (the talk’s title begins “Hooray!”) but I’ve had the flu recently so finding the necessary positivity to write the damn thing is proving a bit elusive. Maybe I’ll do them a Goth remix; I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

If you’re there I’m doing my thing at 17.00 on Friday the 12th of April. No Goth really, I promise! (Oooh, so tempting though.)

CSM Talk


I did a talk at CSM last year and one of the students came up with this poster. Ain’t it great?

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