Post-Digital Art School report

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I’ve just published a report, written with my UAL colleague Charlotte Webb. It’s about the collaborative digital workshops I’ve been running during my time as Professor: it was a lot of work but it came out pretty well, IMHO. Many thanks to Peggy Wang and Ben McKean who designed it brilliantly: also to Bel Aguas, Daniel Charny, Sam Dunne, Malcolm Garrett, Will Hudson, Nat Hunter and Ben Terrett who all contributed. This is the download link: have a look and let me know what you think!

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Forbes Interview


I was interviewed by Heather Lacey from Forbes magazine about my “portfolio career.” It’s a nice piece and full of useful tips! Funny how the internet needs lists to make sense of anything.

Sample quote: “I suggested to him that he was a modern-day Renaissance Man and he laughed and said thanks, but no, he really wasn’t. I still think it’s a fair description.” Thanks Heather! But I’m not. No really. Well, maybe, perhaps you have a point there but no, actually, no – definitely not! Oh, all right then, I am. Now, more about me.

Stereohype badge set

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Stereohype asked me to do a badge set for them and I said yes of course. Pretty, aren’t they? I love badges me – I used to cover my school blazer’s lapels with them. I also made lots of them myself for clubs over the years – see My Story for more details.

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Modual Workshop Documentary


In May 2014 I ran a two week creative workshop with twenty UAL students: we created a “pop-up design studio” inside the advertising agency Mother where they collaborated across their disciplines to generate a series of powerful projects from scratch focusing on innovation and positive change.

It was pretty amazing and the fantastic Paul Wyatt was there to document the process: he has made a great film that really shows the journey that we all went on. It’s thirty minutes long so sit back, relax and enjoy a taste of what we got up to.

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London Calling


I was recently featured in Simon Witter’s excellent documentary on British pop and its art school roots; here’s an edited film of my contribution. I recommend the full series highly: it’s currently showing on Sky Arts every so often.

Giving Music Depth Talk


I recently did a talk for London agency PD3 on giving post-digital music depth. Thanks to Tully, Cat and all the excellent PD3 folks for having me.

D&AD Foreman


So I’m going to be a foreman at the D&AD Student Awards this year. I’d better get a hard hat, some hob-nailed boots and a reflective jacket right away. Oi, you! Put that consignment over there, not there! Just getting some practise.

Check me out! I get a fancy yellow tab on my picture. And I’m allowed to have the biggest smile, bigger than all the other judges. Except the one who’s just an icon who is actually smiling more than me in secret. She’s smiling because they didn’t persuade her to send in a crappy photo of herself like the rest of us. Except my photo is not crappy but in fact nice because my wife took it.

Are you still reading this? Then you win the prize! Hooray! That’s my foreman-ing done (no it isn’t – Ed.)

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Bristol Playable City Award


I was shortlisted for the Bristol Playable City Award 2013 for my proposal to create an interactive album within various locations across the city. Read more here. DIdn’t get it but now I’ve had the idea I can’t let it go so watch this space…

Cheltenham Design Festival


I’m talking at the Cheltenham Design Festival in April this year which is all about Design Futures. I was planning an optimistic message (the talk’s title begins “Hooray!”) but I’ve had the flu recently so finding the necessary positivity to write the damn thing is proving a bit elusive. Maybe I’ll do them a Goth remix; I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

If you’re there I’m doing my thing at 17.00 on Friday the 12th of April. No Goth really, I promise! (Oooh, so tempting though.)

Design + Music = Magic for Eye Magazine


John L Walters at Eye Magazine asked me to write an article about design and music, so I did. Here’s all three spreads.

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