Viv Albertine

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In January 2015 I interviewed Viv Albertine at Central Saint Martins and it was a real pleasure. I saw the Slits several times as a teenager and have always been a massive fan, and now she’s written this incredible book. There’s a brief excerpt from the talk on YouTube and I’ve also got a recording of the whole two hour conversation somewhere if you’re interested.

Internet DJing

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I was DJing on Tony Slackshot’s internet radio show in February 2016 and lots of fun it was too. His show is called Get On It / Jackin’ so I played mostly bangers with the odd curveball. You can download my set from this very website here or if for some reason you’d rather just stream it from Mixcloud then be my guest.

Forbes Interview


I was interviewed by Heather Lacey from Forbes magazine about my “portfolio career.” It’s a nice piece and full of useful tips! Funny how the internet needs lists to make sense of anything.

Sample quote: “I suggested to him that he was a modern-day Renaissance Man and he laughed and said thanks, but no, he really wasn’t. I still think it’s a fair description.” Thanks Heather! But I’m not. No really. Well, maybe, perhaps you have a point there but no, actually, no – definitely not! Oh, all right then, I am. Now, more about me.

Rough Trade book


Rough Trade is 40 years old: they’ve put a book out to celebrate this fact. I’ve got a piece in it where I talk about going to see the Raincoats as a thirteen year old (supported by Swell Maps and Kleenex – wottagig!) and lo and behold at the launch party the other day if it wasn’t the Raincoats on stage, talking about Rough Trade. How the years fly by, etc etc.



So I’ve been chosen as one of ten artists to put on an event for the 2014 Connect10 competition. Basically a range of museums will compete to host my event which I am describing as a “day-glo game show party.” Quite what that means I don’t know but it should be fun! You can find out more on the Culture 24 / Museums At Night website and at some point vote for me to work with your local museum, should you so wish. Hoorah!

London Calling


I was recently featured in Simon Witter’s excellent documentary on British pop and its art school roots; here’s an edited film of my contribution. I recommend the full series highly: it’s currently showing on Sky Arts every so often.

Giving Music Depth Talk


I recently did a talk for London agency PD3 on giving post-digital music depth. Thanks to Tully, Cat and all the excellent PD3 folks for having me.

Bristol Playable City Award


I was shortlisted for the Bristol Playable City Award 2013 for my proposal to create an interactive album within various locations across the city. Read more here. DIdn’t get it but now I’ve had the idea I can’t let it go so watch this space…

Fred’s Free Records


I’ve been giving away records on Twitter for the last couple of years: only great ones, mind. I have slowly changed the way I do it over time and now it’s simply a “who wants it?” holler and the most immediate and appropriate Tweet gets the prize. Follow me at @FredDeakin or look for the hashtag #fredsfreerecords to win, win win!

Design + Music = Magic for Eye Magazine


John L Walters at Eye Magazine asked me to write an article about design and music, so I did. Here’s all three spreads.

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